The Association of Disaster Risk Management Professionals in Sri Lanka

In May 2015, the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction adopted the Sendai Declaration, urging states to better understand disaster risk, strengthen disaster risk governance, invest in disaster risk reduction and enhance disaster response to ‘Build Back Better’. Its implementation compels the channeling of expertise from multiple disciplines for informed decision making and innovative policy formulation.

In Sri Lanka, recognition of disaster risk reduction (DRR) as a core competency of professional disciplines is yet to be achieved. This is also the ground reality in South Asia. Realizing this, the SAARC Disaster Management Centre has initiated a process to bring together a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to serve its member countries to provide policy advice and facilitate capacity building services including strategic learning, research, training, system development, expertise promotion and exchange of information for effective disaster risk reduction.

In Sri Lanka such expertise available is scattered in silos of professional disciplines and not utilized in the current realm of DRR in the country.

The commencement of the Association of Disaster Risk Management Professionals of Sri Lanka (ADRiMP) aspires to address this need. ADRiMP is an assembly of professionals representing varied disciplines to nurture a culture of safety in Sri Lanka from the impact of disasters and  provides a platform for dialogue to achieve  effective implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-2030) ) and the Paris Agreement (2015 - 2030) for combating climate change and advocacy for policy initiatives and related matters thereof.

Objectives of ADRiMP

  • The  providing   of   a  Forum   for   discussion  of   matters   of  professional   interest and for consideration of all matters related to disaster and climate risk management in the country by recognizing and maintaining standards and ethics of disaster risk management professionals. 
  • The fostering of the participation by the disaster risk management professionals in matters of national and regional interest for disaster and climate risk management and promoting such interest by co-operation with both Governmental and non- Governmental Organizations.
  • To serve as a knowledge hub for promoting research in disaster and climate risk management.
  • To serve as a think-tank and an advisory body for the promotion of a culture of safety and integration of national endeavors with regional and global initiatives.
  • The provision of such facilities and services that are conducive to furthering of the objectives of the Association


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Interim Executive Committee

President Dr. Buddhi Weerasinghe
President-Elect Dr. Hemantha Herath
Vice President Eng. Janaki Meegasthenna
Vice President Dr. Ranjith Premasiri
Secretary Mr. Sararth Premalal
Coordinating Secretary Mr. Hiran Tillekaratne
Assistant Secretary  Mr. Menaka Wijesinghe
Treasurer  Dr. Gamini Jayathissa
Assistant-Treasurer Ms. Nilmini Thaldena
Public Relations Officer Mr. Pradeep Kodippili
Legal Officer Mr. Kamal Wilson
Media Officer Mr. Chathura Liyanaarachchi
Editor in Chief Prof. Dilanthi Amaratunga
Editor Mr. Suranga Kahandawa
Web Editor  Mr. Niranga Alahakoon

Interim Technical Committee

Mr. Rohana Dissanayake
Eng. Bandula Wickramarachchi
Dr. Samantha Kithalawaarachchi
Dr. Ananda Mallawathathiri
Dr. Mahesh Edirisinghe
Mr. Rohan Samarakkody 
Prof. B. S. B. Karunarathne
Mr. Prasanna Chandith
Mr. Arjuna Kurukulasooriya
Dr. Sunimal Jayathunga
Dr. Terney Pradeep-Kumara


Download a list of the Executive and Technical Committee biographies here.